There’s something beautiful about opening an envelope, reading the letter, and finding out that the manner in which you were able to interpret /analyze certain issues and documents and then how you were able to express the circumstances were able to resolve current problems which will have a positive effect on someone’s life. Your voice and choice of words have more power than you would ever expect, as such, speak up!!

This is the type of feeling that reassures me of the fact that i am studying something I absolutely love and that i have been blessed with great mentors. 10:30 a.m. and my day already feels complete :3



Rise and shine x)


walking with one of my girl friends to the school parking lot we stopped to finish off our talk about the weekend when we were approached by two guys in business suits.

"Hi i just really wanted to let you know that we think you two are cute, we have been looking at you guys for a little bit"

me: “aww thank you, that’s really sweet thanks guys”

guy no. 1 “yeah we should totally date, im going to be a doctor”

guy no. 2” yeah and im going to be a heart surgeon”

my friend “aw awesome!”

me: “thanks, im going to be a lawyer!!!”

…..and as fast as a blink of an eye they disappeared.


Based on the amazingly rewarding 3.5 years ive worked in a law firm, here’s a list of some of the top things people should try to do in order to avoid business issues,insomnia, heartburn, feeling like a damn fool and divorce:

1. obtain post-high school education: the more educated the better chances of getting a better paying job, chances of meeting well-educated cultured people who can teach you many interesting things, a better quality of life, the possibility of having less financial problems.

2. communicate: by expressing the way you feel and the things you know (without coming off arrogantly or putting others to sleep) you will allow others to know exactly whats going on…which brings me to:

3. do not assume: there is nothing wise about taking guesses, conclusions on guesses…the next time: think. Its best to take the time to figure out what you’re going to say and communicate as clear as possible that way you can avoid (more) conflict.

4. compromise: yes, there are assholes out there that when you give them a finger they will try to take your arm, leg, and head, but cooperation and understanding go a long way, see the issue from various angles, and try to assimilate the best advantageous decision for all parties involved and hope that all parties will come into a fair deal agreement.

5. keep your house clean, and your finances even cleaner: less confusion, more trust, a better quality of life, have a future finance summary plan and budget-since you never know what the future may bring.

6. control debt: credit cards, car payments, mortgages, rent- 99% of people have some sort of debt. work hard, communicate, pay on time. the first thing that goes out the window in a moment of financial crisis is respect. control expenses as much as you can and keep up with payments.

7. and my favorite “si no lo encuentra en la casa, lo va a encontrar en la calle” one of my mother’s favorite sayings. ill let you figure that one out :)


…As I turn in my exam this morning, total silence in front of my class.

"So Carolina, you want to become a lawyer, yes?"

"Yes professor"

"…What type of law?"

"Ideally, family law."

"Ah…you’re not going to become of one of those ladies right?"

"No prof, I’ve come across enough female attorneys to know that I dont want to handle matters like that, I want to be respected, gain knowledge and wisdom. I dont want to intimidate others and have reigns of terror"


"I pinky promise"

"Ok good, go off now."

got out of class 45 mins early, rented two movies, sociology shenigans all printed and ready, two take home exams, four weeks left, lets do this.


While my sociology class is not exactly my favorite class (doesn’t help its online) i found the following quite interesting:

"Gender Inequality in Health Care: When women complained of chest pains, their doctors took them only 1/10 as seriously as when men made the same complaints. Doctors are ten times more likely to give men exercise stress tests and radio active heart scans (than to women). They also sent men to surgery on the basis of abnormal stress tests but waited until women showed clear-cut symptoms of heart disease before sending them to surgery" <- women are (approximately) twice more likely to die during heart surgery than men.

The good news: “As women become physicians, the situation (has and) will change, female doctors are more sensitive to women’s health problems; more likely to order pap smears and mammograms (reducing the risk of finding cervical and breast cancer at later stages when the chances of survival are less, etc).”

Until 1832, women were not allow to attend college with men. Female organs were a special focus of concern for the men who controlled education. They said that these organs dominated women’s minds, making them less qualified than men for higher education.

Guess what!! 56% of today’s college students are women. 58% of bachelor’s degrees are earned by women. 60% of master’s degrees are earned by women.  Almost as many women as men now graduate from U.S. medical and law schools :D


….off to the gym to work off my beef and pork love so that i reduce my risks of being shrugged off by doctors when im old and also have chest pains :P