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Since 2006 or so, I’ve been hearing all about this music festival in the middle of freaking no where, that in my mind seemed similar to Woodstock as i was told that it was all about people coming together for their love for music.

Fast forward to this past weekend and I found myself, driving to the desert with my best friend..for what was three of the most amazing days of my life thus far.

During the past three day weekend I had the pleasure to listen live to:Flatbush Zombies, ASAP Ferg, Flume, Dum Dum Girls, Washed Out, AFI, Beck, Bonobo, Calvin Harris, Galantis, Julian Casablancas, Kid Cudi, Lana Del Rey, Little Dragon, MGMT, Muse, Outkast, Pharrell who brought out Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Usher, and Jay Z, Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age, War Paint, and Arcade Fire who happened to bring out Daft Punk for a short version of Get Lucky (although after getting home, I’ve been reading music blogs that are stating that they were actually trolling the audience :/ )

Either way, Coachella was something more than I imagined. Yes, there are thousands of barely 18-year olds running around thinking they’re “it” because they are at one of the world’s biggest music festivals. Yes, there were a lot of people who “were on something or the other.” Yes, there are thousands of people who attended the festival acting like it was a three-day hippie fashion show. But! There are also people who went, because simply, they absolutely love music.

Every now and then, i enjoy venturing by myself and to appreciate my surroundings, maybe its because I am an only child but, that’s the way i evaluate whats going on and am able to appreciate what i have in life and also analyze in which ways i can improve. That being said, Saturday afternoon, my best friend wanted to see a group which was playing at the same time which Kid Cudi was playing. We decided to part ways for the two shows and meet afterwards. After enjoying the comfort of the Heineken shaded beer garden area by the main stage, i decided to walk closer to the stage and get a better look. As i walked, I began to sing along to Mr. Cudi’s songs, and after finding a good spot, i began to dance a little. Funny, because i have never danced or sang by myself at a music event, ever, yet at Coachella it felt so natural.

What happened next, can only be compared to what i felt one Saturday, nearly a year ago in Mexico, except i didn’t have my red cup of tequila, agua panela and rum, this time, I was sober. As i danced, I happened to look around and realized that the sun was setting- in Coachella terminology, “the magical hour.” I began to look around me and realized that i was in a crowd of easily 10,000 people who were also dancing and singing along to Kid Cudi. I began to think about my life, my education, my work, my family, my boyfriend, my best friends, and of my dreams, and the happiness which i felt could barely be contained in my body. My eyes even got teary as i thanked God for enabling me to have the opportunities I have had, and to allow me to work hard so that i can achieve all the goals and dreams i have had. I am so grateful about everything which surrounds me, that i can barely contain my happiness. It was during Coachella’s magical hour, that not only did i further realized how absolutely fortunate i am and have been, but i also understood why so many people love Coachella Music Festival.

Now, back at work and ready to get back on my grind as i finish school, graduate, I hope to channel the happiness and immense appreciation i have towards everything in life so that i can continue to continue to achieve my goals.

See you soon Coachella. Thank you for an unreal weekend.



The human evolution.


"Brown girl,
you are lovely
in every shade."

© 2013 Maza - Dohta

fair ‘n’ lovely is a constructed product of colonization,
and we are so much more. 

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when you need to cough in an exam but you’ve already coughed like twice so you just sit there suffocating

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Baby put on heart shaped sunglasses cause we’re gonna take a ride